General Wealth Management

George N. Luciani, CFP®, has been working as a financial advisor for over thirty years and offers independent, fee-only planning for high-net worth individuals, executives and professionals. Former president of Capital Planning Advisor Group, Inc. and a partner at a nationally recognized wealth management firm. George operates on a fee-only basis in order to avoid any conflicts of interest that may not benefit the client directly. He works mainly with high net worth clients on managing their assets, maintaining their portfolios, and planning their legacies.

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An advocate for continuing education, George N. Luciani, CFP® enjoys speaking to accountants and attorneys on best practices as a fiduciary. Comfortable in front a crowd, George seeks to help educate professionals on what it takes to be a trusted advisor in the field today.

George has been in the business of ethical, commission-free financial advising since its inception in the 1980s, giving his presentations thirty years of wisdom and innovation to back them up. To book George to speak at your upcoming event, contact us below.

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