Are You Financially Prepared for Future Success?

Determine whether you are making the right steps needed for the financial future of your dreams.

When it comes to thinking about retirement, people’s number-one fear is that their wealth is insufficient—and in the world of investment, fear and greed are the two prime emotional motivators. People tend to fear when they feel they lack control. A lot of this can be contributed to not understanding where their money is and why – which all rests on who you are working with to help you accomplish your retirement goals.

With over 30 years in the investment world, many of those in leadership positions at nationally recognized wealth management firms, George Luciani, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) addresses the importance of working with a qualified individual who has a vested interest in your specific retirement needs in his new book, Keep the Cherries, Throw Away the Pits.

Take George’s quiz to get a sense of how confident you feel about your financial plan and your planner. Your answers to the following ten questions will give a clear picture of whether you’re setting yourself up to be financially successful in the future.

Often people do not know whether they have enough, because they don’t really know how much they have. That’s why they need help. Whether the money will be sufficient depends on a variety of variables, including longevity. Nobody knows when they will die, so how can they know for sure whether they have enough for a lifetime? It’s another of the many uncertainties that breeds the fear that leads to bad decisions.